Search Engine Optimization
search engine optimization packages

Nobody can guarantee a top link within the search engines. However, there are several things that can be done on your website with it’s content, images and meta tags to increase you positioning within the search results.

It doesn’t matter how many visitors your site receives if the content isn’t relative to what they are searching. Unique, well-written and relative content is king when it comes to search engine marketing success. It also needs to be useful and hold the attention of the visitors to your website

For businesses that already have a pre-existing website we will develop a custom strategy just for your business. Each business is unique in it’s needs and analysis therefore pre-priced packages aren’t available

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Our process includes:

  • Analyze your website over a period of a minimum or 2 months.
  • Installation of analysis software on your website
  • Installation of site maps used by search engine spiders
  • Research key phrases relevant to your business
  • Evaluate content and meta tags
  • Optimize your images for fast loading