How can I have my website setup as quickly as possible?

Building a website does take time, but the more information the client provides in the early stages of development, the quicker the site can be completed. Download our FREE Website Planner to help get you started with the process.

How does the website design process work?

There are several steps involved with the design and development of a website. Our process begins with the client completing our FREE Website Planner. For more details, check out our process online.

How do you make updates to the website?

All of our websites are setup with a content management system installed so the clients can make changes to the content as needed.  We also offer website maintenance services on as-needed or monthly basis if you prefer.

What kind of guarantee do you offer?

Ojai Valley Design offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our designs.  We will not take on any project we don’t feel we can deliver to a happy customer. Review our guarantee for more details.

What are your payment options?

Upon approval of the quote, we require 50% down to begin working on the project.  The balance is due upon completion and before the website is made live.

How much does a new website cost?

Website costs can vary greatly due to needs of the client.   We offer package prices that include several different options starting at $275.  Check out our website packages.

Can I have a custom websites created?

Custom typically means more expensive, however our template websites are built with your chosen template design and modified to fit your needs using your photos and images on your site. If you are in need of a website created from scratch, we would be happy to discuss your project. Contact us for a free no obligation quote.

Does Ojai Valley Design provide domain registration and hosting services?

Yes.  Check out our domain services website to view those options at http://www.ojaivalleydomains.com to check availability and  rates.

Can I use my own domain name or do I need to buy a new one?

You can use whichever domain name you prefer.  However, depending on the domain name you own, your business products or services, and the purpose of your website, you may want to get a new one.  We would be happy to discuss the pros and cons of both scenarios before making a decision.

Is it possible to change or redesign an existing website?

Yes!  If you are looking to get a website makeover, we can assist you.  Once we have established a needs analysis, we will provide you with a quote. Download our FREE Website Planner to help get you started with the process.

Why don't we list prices for some of our services?

Some of our services require more information from the client to best know what will be involved with the design and development. Some projects will require a lot of time and effort and others will be much simpler. Our quotes are based on all phases of development and take into consideration the amount of time required.

Do you offer printing services?

Yes, we can have any of the designs we've created printed for you at affordable pricing although there are several printers that may offer bigger discounts than we can offer. We can prepare any of our designs for you in PDF format for you to submit to a printer.

Should I build my own website or hire a designer?

Building a website can be time consuming if coded by hand or it can be done fairly quick if using one of those websites that help you get a site set-up with a few clicks through the questions. For highly skilled computer users, its not too difficult to learn how to set up a website. Although, if you are challenged with using a computer, building a website may not be easy and hiring a designer may be your best option. Something to consider when making this decision is to determine if your time is best spent running your business or learning.