Our Website Design Process
Information Gathering

Probably the most important part of the design process is gathering all the information necessary. We need to know the entire scope of your project prior to providing you with a quote, design and development. We offer a FREE Website Planner to help provide us the majority of the information needed during this phase.


The planning phase is where you will decide on a template and the different pages required for your website including your products or services and contact pages. Preparing your site content for each page is best done during this phase to prevent any delays in your website launch.


The Design phase is where we begin to work on formatting the template to your specifications including graphics, images, and color schemes. Design approval is crucial to a smooth final process and once approved changes can't be made without extra costs.

Let the programming begin! Setting up the navigation and links to all of the pages and installation of any add-on packages are implemented in this Development phase. Content is added where available and will be set up with a content management system for future updates by the client.


Once the design and development have been comopleted the site is made live on our webservers for testing. The navigation and extra features are tested for proper display and functionality. You will be able to view this live version of your new website during this phase.


Site launch is typically done within a few days of the final testing phase. All the hard work has been completed and it's ready to go live at this point.

While we include the basics with your site design, it is encouraged to stay on top of your site positioning if you are relying on the search engines to create business.

We offer an extensive SEO additional service that monitors your site ranking and statistices on a monthly basis. There are several companies that offer this service, some good and some not so much. Before you make a decision, we would be happy to discuss the different practices to be wary.

Keeping your website up-to-date with fresh content is the difference between having a website and having a high-ranking website within the search engines. Maintaining your website content and links is an on-going effort that requires a set amount of time each week to ensure accuracy.

This is typically performed by the client, however we do offer maintenance services as well.